Icarus’ Gold

I wanted to fly high, close to the sun. The greed of golden desires made me lust after them so. I would believe in hindsight that listening to this voice that told me to reach for the heavens of the Earth was stupid and I was blinded by my greed because I am, in fact, … Continue reading

Legacy of the Father

Blood flows like a river runs red. It forms a dome around the wound and helps heal the body’s souls. Blood was life. That is what my dad told me after he got his ass handed to him by a five year black belt. He made it all the way to the finals only to … Continue reading

Fire’s Embrace

My friend burned to death. I lit the match. It was not at least 10 days since I acted upon my instincts to kill him. I have learned to kill for over 12 years since my parents died. Tragic? Yes. Do I care? Only for that which calms the raging storm in my soul. Kill … Continue reading

Hope Is Everlasting

The long sword felt heavy in his cold hand. Ice started to form on the edges of the metal, making the weapon dull. Xehan made no attempt to hold the sword at all. He breathed in the smoke produced  from the bonfire he rested near. The fire was cold. Xehan tilted his head slightly down; hope was fading. He … Continue reading