Dominor Pontifex v Sarakh Sarad: Episode 1

Dominor was not well adjusted to his new body. He was much better off in his deformed human body; who wouldn’t be better with their original body? He placed his hands on the red skin he hid under. The body was moist. He guessed it was from the battle that had just ensued a moment ago; sweat most likely. Dominor heard the movement of one the kids behind him. He turned and saw it was his son approaching him. “Xehan?” Dominor confirmed the child’s assumption. “Xehan is no more. Only I remain.” Dominor smiled a little. “Well, that is not absolutely true. Some of him still remains, but I am in control.” He hadn’t smiled since his indoctrination into the Sith as a child. The child smiled as well. “Dad, are we going to become Sith?” Dominor knelt to meet the child face to face. “Yes. But you should know, this is no easy task. Only the strong will survive.” He put his hands on the child’s shoulder. “Can you be strong for your father?” The child nodded with the goofy smile he wore. “Good. Now, I need you to gather the rest and I will tell them as well.” So, the child did and Dominor told them they will be heading to the Sith academy on Aeten II. Some of the kids were too young to understand. Some of the kids were ready to let their emotions run. Some were just scared, afraid of what the Jedi and the rest of the galaxy said about the Sith. It didn’t matter; they would all be indoctrinated like Dominor was.

After breaking the news to young ones, he moved to his right and knelt down right next to a dead body; his body, a body burned to a gray ash and his right eye and mouth were melted shut by pressurized steam. He stared at the face for a time, analyzing the burn that once enveloped him. Dominor remembered how it was to breathe through his cheeks that were ripped off. And how he used the Force to see his surrounding since his left eye put him at a disadvantage.  “Dakatus, get me a medical droid.” The boy scurried to the nearby communication terminal and called the ship’s medical droid.

On a small a Republic transport there was one medical droid assigned for the crew’s needs. This was no exception. Only, when the droid presented itself on the bridge, he had a faulty communicator unit and spoke in short bursts. “What do. You need. Me for?”  Get a medical stretcher. The droid already had one prepped. “I was. Asked to . Monitor bridge. Like you. Said.” He was referring to Xehan. Dominor instructed the droid to place his old body on the stretcher and place him, the body, in the nearest escape pod. The droid of course did as Dominor directed.

“What about the bounty hunter?” Dominor turned toward his son. “Do not worry. I will deal with him personally.” Dominor now moved with haste, making sure the ship was set to enter hyperspace for Aeten II and set the autopilot. “Dakatus, I want you to make yourself and the other children known to the Sith on Aeten II when this ship exits from hyperspace.”  Dominor again smiled at his son and said, “I will be right behind you.”  With a wave of his hand, the Sith pushed all of the other children against the far wall of the bridge from the controls and used the nearby metal plating to make sure they wouldn’t move when he left.


Dominor entered the escape pod and sat next to his dead corpse. He ejected the pod from the Republic transport as it entered hyperspace. He brought up his communication unit and began to call someone on a restricted channel. “I am waiting for you, Sarakh Sarad. Let us see if you can save your precious Jedi friend.” He deactivated the device and closed his eyes as the pod raced towards the surface of the nearby planet Mustafar.


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