NaNoWrimo novel – Legacy of the Sin

Just talked to this beautiful blonde girl in Charleston airport while I wait for my ride back to Seattle, WA and to get back to my old life. Fun trip in South Carolina, but I am probably going to order a bottle of pills just to bury the memories. Oh well. Thinking about going to talk to this girl again, but decided not to.

Now, to the real Real Life update. I am going to be participating in the NanoWrimo event in November and will be doing the story around idea I had for my short story Legacy of the Father. It will take place around the son who adopted the heroin addiction and a woman named Elizabeth who deals with alcoholic  abuse. These two will interact with each other and start to become close friends that later heal each others emotional wounds. This will not be a romance novel even though it has the potential to be one. I really do not want to deal with romance beside the fact I do not like romance in other novels. And stating that I will make a relationship that is more based in reality as a beginner writer is feels like I am shoving crap into my mouth.

Almost finished Bird by Bird and will use the lessons I have learned in the novel along with the lessons I will learn in another book I am about to read that is on creating novels. Cannot remember the name for the life of me. Doesn’t matter. Anyways, I am probably going to try and talk more with this girl and I’ll put up another short story soon!


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