Legacy of the Father

Blood flows like a river runs red. It forms a dome around the wound and helps heal the body’s souls. Blood was life. That is what my dad told me after he got his ass handed to him by a five year black belt. He made it all the way to the finals only to lose. People say he went down like a champion, but I know he lost because of his drug addiction. I saw it in his eyes, though I didn’t understand until now as an adult. My father struggled with a heroin addiction for years now and finally lost to it last year. Mom told me that he died in the hospital when they were doing a check up on him. Apparently he couldn’t wait until after the check up to inject more of the drug into his body. He did right there in front of the doctor. I asked my mom why the doctor didn’t stop him. She told me that he also lost many colleagues to addiction and at that point in his career, he just didn’t care. Just watched as my dad killed himself. 

I didn’t cry for my dad. He had this coming. That’s why I moved away to the northwest, to get away from all the pain and misery that everyone felt around my dad. I told my mom I wasn’t going to be able to make the funeral. I was going to get married soon to my fiance and I didn’t need this to prolong the ceremony. The only thing that matters to me now is Clarice.

She was there when I first moved to Washington after losing my job in Oregon. I was planning on quitting anyway. I came to the rainy state with only enough cash to keep me afloat for one month. The rest was robbed from my apartment back down in Oregon by some white “wanna be” gangsters. They weren’t to bright, because they left a good trail to follow from my apartment to the nearest strip club. They spent it all there on fake breasts and booze. I waited for them to come out of the club in the nearest alleyway and showed them the taekwondo I learned when I was 14 years old.  Of course they apologized quickly after I broke a few bones, but it was a good outlet for my troubles to thrash those idiots.

I have only been in Washington for about three years now and have successfully graduated from University of Washington with a Bachelor in Computer Science. Now I work for Microsoft and help them with my programming skills. I have finally settled into our new home in Redmond. She also works for Microsoft. In a few days I will be putting a ring on her finger and we will be officially be together forever. No more need for the past. So, this is for you dad. One final injection of the disease and then I’ll quit for good this time. I swear it…




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