Hope Is Everlasting

The long sword felt heavy in his cold hand. Ice started to form on the edges of the metal, making the weapon dull. Xehan made no attempt to hold the sword at all. He breathed in the smoke produced  from the bonfire he rested near. The fire was cold. Xehan tilted his head slightly down; hope was fading. He had been trapped within the Undead Burg for five days, surrounded by the undead who wielded swords, spears, and crossbows with the intent to kill him. Just now, after killing a few on the way to the bonfire, he had revived them all. 

Bonefires were safe havens for travelers who traversed the land of the Ancients. However, the mysterious haven also revived all the monsters who lived within the lands whenever a traveler interacted with the bonfire. Xehan of course knew this after the first day. He had to use the bonfire as a place to rest only when he had to resupply and escape the horrors that filled the outer walls of the tower.

The walls were crumbling from time as Xehan laid in the middle of the tower, close to the bonfire. He took a deep breath and exhaled, feeling the cold inhabit his lungs. He was going to die from the cold if he remained stationary. Xehan did not move as the growls and mouns from the outside haunted his soul. The monstrousities awaited his return. Xehan removed his shield. The emblem that was painted onto the front had been chipped away by constant attacks. Xehan’s family crest had been washed away by the monsters, so to for his entire family. Xehan had come to this land like his forefathers on pilgramage to ring the two bells. But like his forefathers, he could make no headway past the monsters that filled the rooftops of the Burg. So close was he to making it to the Undead Church and finally ringing the bell.

Right now he could hear the bell ringing, shaking the bones in his body. Someone had succedded in what he could not do. Xehan sighed with relief, but did not know why. Was it for the warrior who succeeded? Was it for his himself? He who could not succeed, being filled with the determination once again to keep on going. Xehan lifted his head as a ray of sunlight peeked from the bleak clouds and shot true through the gapping holes of the tower. The light reflected off his sliver helmet that covered his almost hallowed face. Xehan was without humanity for a while. 

Soon he would be hallow and his will would be gone forever, unless he offered the chilling fire a sacrifice. Humanity itself. The idea that a concept like humanity, that was never clearly defined by the most prestigous scholars, be sealed within a dark crystal and sacrificed to the deathly fire. Of course, Xehan would ultimately recieve all that incompasses humanity onto his physical form. He removed his last humanity crystal from his pouch and threw it into the weak fire. It cracked as it split open. Green sparks flew out of the flame and danced all over Xehan’s skin. Xehan picked up his shield and sword and stood up with slow, long swaying motions. 

Looking over to his right and down, Xehan looked at the man sitting next to him. “Are you ready to go?”

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