Fire’s Embrace

My friend burned to death. I lit the match. It was not at least 10 days since I acted upon my instincts to kill him. I have learned to kill for over 12 years since my parents died. Tragic? Yes. Do I care? Only for that which calms the raging storm in my soul. Kill kill kill. It was the act of seeing a person’s life leave his pitiful existence behind did I ever feel at peace. The power I had. Not even Zeus could stop me. 

My friend burned to death. He was a kind person who had a family that loved him so. Gentle and delicate like a flower to others, fierce and strong against the evils of this world. I loved him. A man who could tame the darkness in his heart and fight those who had not yet mastered theirs. I tried not to kill him, but it was inevitable.

The world; dead. Infected by its own creation. Humanity had deserted their mistakes; ran away. Some stayed to fix the problem; I stayed to hunt the darkness. Kill after kill, death after death, I found that my prey was thinning. A new kind of prey was needed. So, I killed my friend. He was a dear friend and will be missed. But this a natural part for my existence to continue. To kill. Oh how I love to kill, especially with fire…


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